4 Tips for Better, Safer Sports Training

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4 Tips for Better, Safer Sports Training

Safer sports training will help to prevent injuries and make your activities more enjoyable.

1. Always warm  up properly.

Many athletes are eager to jump into the sport without the necessary stretching and other exercises necessary to prepare their bodies for the activity. Most sports have a warm-up exercise routine that should be followed for several minutes. Start slowly whenever possible. Training involves careful practice and repetition.

2. Cooling down slowly is very important, especially if your pulse is elevated.

Bring your heart rate down and let your skeletal muscles slow down as well. This prevents muscle cramping and allows you to regain your normal breathing.

3. Listen to your body.

Do not put stress on muscles and joints when they are painful. Injuries start when you ignore pain symptoms. These muscles and joints are trying to tell you to take it easy. You may have to sit out a day or more of practice while over-stretched muscles, tendons and ligaments heal. This “time out” may be all that is necessary to keep your body in good condition. Do not work out or train if you are feeling ill.

4. Drink water to stay hydrated.

This is a major requirement for safer sports training to avoid injuries. Water is necessary for the production of synovial fluid that provides joint and muscle lubrication. Water is also needed to build muscle tissue and maintain your energy level in any climate.

Smart sports training should keep you healthy and prevent injuries.