The Field of Sports Medicine is Growing

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The Field of Sports Medicine is Growing

Sports medicine focuses on the treatment and prevention of injuries that are associated with playing sports or from exercising. This field of medicine has continued to grow at a steady pace as more people realize the benefits of being treated by a doctor who has undergone specialized training that looks at the entire picture instead of just an injury.

Why is the Field of Sports Medicine Growing?

Sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons have both been trained to provide treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. Both can treat most sports injuries, including overuse injuries, such as fractures, sprains, osteoarthritis or tendonitis.

However, most sports injuries do not require surgery. A sports medicine doctor can pinpoint why an injury occurred and help you prevent it from reoccurring or from causing a new injury. The doctor can help you develop a plan for conditioning and strength training to reduce your risks of being re-injured.

Youth Sports Injuries on the Rise

With sports injuries on the rise for young athletes, the need for more doctors who are experienced in treating these injuries has grown. A 2016 study by the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis found that between 2001 to 2013, the number of children and teens between the ages of five to 18 years old being treated for sports injuries in emergency rooms each year increased. Seventy-five percent of those injuries were from four sports: baseball, basketball, soccer, and football.

An Overall Approach

A sports doctor can help patients who have chronic conditions, such as diabetes or asthma deal with their conditions that could negatively affect their performance. The doctor may also provide guidance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and supplements.

When surgery is indicated, a sports medicine doctor can work with an orthopedic surgeon toward the best outcome for you, including developing a rehabilitation plan and monitoring your performance once you return to your sport or activity.

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