Keep Your Orthopaedic Surgeon on Speed Dial if Your Child Plays These Sports

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Keep Your Orthopaedic Surgeon on Speed Dial if Your Child Plays These SportsKeep Your Orthopaedic Surgeon on Speed Dial if Your Child Plays These Sports

Today, kids are involved in many different sporting activities. They might play one sport during the fall and switch to another during the winter and then yet another when spring arrives. Others might play the same sport throughout the year because they or their parents have a dream that they can get a college scholarship or a pro sports career. While the majority of sports injuries are caused by overuse, there are sports where the possibility of becoming injured is quite high. Team sports that involve player-to-player contact, pivoting or stopping short increase the likelihood your child will eventually suffer an injury that will require treatment from an orthopaedic surgeon.


Kids who play football are more likely to suffer an injury that will send them to the emergency room. Common injuries from this sport include knee injuries, ankle injuries, ankle dislocations and head injuries. Over the past several years, youth football programs have seen a drop in the number of children participating in the sport because of the risk of injuries.


While basketball is not exactly a contact sport like football, it still has a high rate of injuries associated with it. The most common injuries that occur with this sport include knee injuries like ACL tears and ankle injuries such as fractures and sprains.

Softball and Baseball

Children who play softball or baseball are prone to overuse injuries that require the care of an orthopaedic surgeon. These injuries can include arm injuries primarily from overuse, including repetitive arm stress.


A bunch of kids running around chasing a soccer ball can be a recipe for disaster where injuries are concerned. Stop and go action make ankle sprains and ACL injuries in the knee very common soccer injuries. If your child plays goalie, they are also at risk for soft tissue shoulder injuries, finger injuries, and fractures.

Your child’s risk of injuries can be reduced by ensuring that they are properly warmed up for their activity. Wearing the proper safety equipment will also help reduce the risk of injury. Your best defense is to be prepared and have the number of your orthopaedic surgeon close at hand if an injury occurs.

3D Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, located in Indian Harbour Beach, FL, is committed to your child’s health. Our professional and caring team of physicians, athletic trainers, and technicians devote themselves to their patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for any sports-related injury.

We know your child wants to get back to the sport they love to play. We’ll help them get back in the game.

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