5 New Year’s Resolutions for Safer Sports Training

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A new year is a time for fresh new beginnings. It is also a time for getting rid of old bad habits and replacing them with new healthier and safer ones. Our athletic trainers have some expert tips to help you train better for your preferred sport:

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Safer Sports Training

1. Wear Appropriate Gear

Playing a sport without proper gear not only leaves you exposed to potential injury but also means you are not able to play the game properly. Take the time to put on the appropriate gear before you jump into the middle of your favorite sport. Having the right gear also means wearing the right clothes which provide protection and a better playing experience in general.

2. Avoid Peak Sunlight Hours

Scientists have ascertained that between 11 am and 2 pm is when sunlight has the harshest effect on the skin. Playing sports at this time leaves you vulnerable to heat strokes, dizziness and other symptoms of overheating. Avoid playing outside during these hours. Instead, wait for a later time in the day when the effect of the sunlight will not be as severe.

3. Have Balanced Meals

Exercise is only a part of a healthy lifestyle. You also need to consume the proper nutrition needed to keep your body performing at peak levels. Especially when it comes to endurance sports such as football or basketball you need to consume plenty of carbohydrates daily. Also make sure you get plenty of protein, calcium, and vitamins in your diet.

4. Use a Partner System 

It is always useful to have someone nearby while playing a sport who will be able to keep an eye on your progress and alert the relevant authorities if a problem occurs such as fainting or a concussion. Even if you are into solo sports, try to have at least one other person nearby who can go get help in case of an accident. The added benefit is that working out with a partner helps you stay motivated and on track with your exercise goals.

5. Take Rest Days

Remember that your body does not have unlimited energy. You will need to set aside one or two days every week for rest and recovery. This period of relaxation is essential for helping rebuild your aching and worn out muscles which will result in safer sports training. 

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Keeping these tips a part of your new year’s resolutions will ensure you have more fun and are better protected than ever while playing your favorite sport.

The team at 3D Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center wishes you a happy and healthy new year!