Treatment for Knee Pain

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Athlete with knee pain

3D Sports Medicine Offers VISCO-3 Injections

If you live with the pain of osteoarthritis, you have probably tried everything you can think of to feel better. From exercising and losing weight to physical therapy to taking prescription or non-prescription medication, nothing has worked for you for very long. While this can be a frustrating way to live, 3D Sports Medicine is happy to let you know about a new option called VISCO-3 sodium hyaluronate injections.

What Can I Expect from VISCO-3 Sodium Hyaluronate Treatment?

This solution is made from hyaluronan, a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It is especially prevalent in the joint tissues and the synovial fluid inside of those joints. Under normal conditions, your body’s own hyaluronan lubricates your joints and acts as a shock absorber as you go about your daily activities. Unfortunately, osteoarthritis causes the body’s natural defenses against pain to wear away over time. The condition can make it especially painful to climb stairs, bend, or even walk due to the loss of synovial fluid and certain bones rubbing up against one another.

This treatment is an injectable that you receive directly at the site of the pain. You may need to receive it more than once since the symptoms of osteoarthritis tend to change or worsen over time.

You should be able to resume most normal activities immediately after your injection. However, Dr. Dominguez recommends that you avoid strenuous activities such as a long walk or climbing a lot of stairs or engaging in weight-bearing activities for more than one hour for the first 48 hours after receiving your injection. You should begin to feel relief within several hours and the effect may last for up to several weeks before you need to consider getting the injection again.

Potential Side Effects with VISCO-3 Injections

Back pain, headache, and joint pain are the most frequently reported symptoms shortly after receiving an injection. They should go away within hours. If you have prolonged swelling, joint stiffness, or pain near the injection site, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Dominguez or anyone at 3D Sports Medicine. Fortunately, these effects are rare.